At Icycle we know how important your children’s first bikes are. Your child’s first bicycle will form the basis of their experience of cycling and we want that experience to be awesome and create life-long cyclists.

We have balance or “run bikes” from Giant, Norco, and Early Rider as well as tricycles from Giant. For those kids ready for pedals, we have kids bikes in all sizes from Giant, Norco, Kona and Spawn Cycles. We specialize in quality kids bikes that are serviceable and will not double as a boat-anchor (unlike those found at major retail chains).

We are the Yukon’s source for Chariot child transportation. We carry a wide stock of the Sport series trailers and can have any trailer Chariot makes here in a week or two. We stock a large selection of accessories to make your Chariot suit your needs. We can also source parts for your 10-year-old trailer to keep it rolling smoothly and safely.

We also carry Adam’s Trail-A-Bikes and Gator Tow Bar systems for the kids that have out-grown their Chariot.


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Whitehorse Yukon


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